Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New ordering options available

We've had some requests for unstained wooden names lately, as well as painted wooden names, so we decided to mix things up and put together a pricing scheme (rather than have one set price for everything). 

We have also learned during these months of making wooden names (trial and error = necessary) that it takes longer to make scripted letters (with all of their swooshes and whirls) than plain printed fonts, so that's also reflected in the price scale.

Looking for a custom wooden name or phrase? Hit us up over on our Facebook page.

Monday, March 2, 2015

NEW PRODUCT: Mini-quilts sewn right here in Truro, Nova Scotia

More info

More info

Check us out on Facebook to see sample quilt designs, finished quilts that are for sale, and information on placing a custom order!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday, November 8, 2014

New collections

I'm all about the leggings these days! Hop over to our Facebook page to take a look or place a custom order ... 

Friday, April 4, 2014

From dresses to ... paintings?

I'm over at my parenting blog, Laptops to Lullabies, sharing the new gallery wall in my daughter's bedroom.

I'd like to start expanding Lottie & Dex Designs to include some custom decor pieces -- paintings, wall hangings, embroidered art. 

These are all items I've made, so what do you think? Is there a market for this kind of stuff?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fresh new spring looks!

Head over to our Facebook page to order one of these fun frocks -- just in time for warm weather (which should, uh, be here any day?)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A new business model for Lottie & Dex Designs

When I first started Lottie & Dex Designs this past summer -- the exact day before my 30th birthday, to be exact (*cough* bucket list *cough*) -- I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew I loved sewing dresses for my own little Lottie, and I wanted to share them with the public.

I was surprised and flattered when I was approached by Kaleidoscope Fashions & Gifts -- a local shop here in Truro, Nova Scotia -- about selling my designs there. It was thrilling, being in a real store!

Unfortunately, since I make dresses in a lot of different sizes, fabrics, AND styles, it ended up being difficult to stock exactly the right style, in the right fabric, in the right size. It's just me and my little Singer sewing machine, so it's not possible to have 10 of every option -- and I'm way too, uh, free-spirited, to just stick to one or two varieties.

Every so often, I'd luck in and a customer would find the exact style/fabric they wanted in the right size. But mostly people would fall in love with a dress that was the wrong size for their daughter/niece/grandchild, and they wouldn't always bother to contact me about doing a custom order. *whomp whomp*

So I packed in the "real store" business in January, since the majority of my sales were coming from Facebook anyway. I started running a clear-out sale to sell off last summer's "samples," essentially -- since many of the designs were made into different sizes as custom orders.

I decided that from now on, I'm not going to bother making a bunch of "ready-to-sell" dresses that may not end up selling, because they're not a size anyone needs.

So the new plan is that I'm going to focus on making dresses exclusively for my little Lottie, and then I'll post pictures of them so people can see the fabric/style. If they're interested, I can whip one up just for them -- in the exact size they need, with any special requests on the style.

This will not only allow me to make truly one-of-a-kind creations -- tall kid? petite kid? no problem -- but it will prevent me from having a backlog of cute little dresses waiting to be adopted.

Stay tuned for five new designs that will be available to order! And thank you to everyone for your continued support. Designing and sewing is very different from my day job as a freelance journalist and my 24/7 Mama job, and I LOVE this new opportunity to be creative.